What vitamin K does?

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Vitamin K is a category of vitamins. There are two variations: vitamin K1 and vitamin K2. Both do similar things for your body.  

Vitamin K1 has long been known for its benefits throughout your body. But it’s now becoming clearer that vitamin K2 may be just as important in those processes.

More research is being done to understand whether vitamin K1 or vitamin K2 is more effective or efficient in any particular role in your body. UFABET  But it’s clear that K vitamins have several important benefits: 

  1. Regulates blood clotting. Can help keep you from bleeding out after an injury. And it helps keep your blood from getting too thick, which can lead to blood clots. 
  2. Keeps your bones strong. Vitamin K works with calcium and vitamin D to build healthy bones. That means fewer fractures and a lower risk of osteoporosis. 
  3. Prevents calcium buildup. Clears away calcium deposits from your blood vessels. That means less calcification (hardening) in your arteries, and a reduced risk of high blood pressure, kidney disease and more. 

Can you have too much vitamin K? 

If you take a blood thinning medication. Such as warfarin, vitamin K can raise your risk for blood clots. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to avoid all vitamin K-rich foods. You just should be careful not to go overboard or to drastically increase your intake. And you certainly should not take supplement without talking with your healthcare provider.