What is the Carnivore Diet?

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          Carnivore Diet is a weight loss formula. Focusing on eating all kinds of meat, eggs, milk, butter, yogurt, spices, pepper, salt, herbs. Such as turmeric without eating any plant-based foods, vegetables, fruits. Which the CD weight loss formula is not a new way. There is a medical report that the Carnivore Diet is a formula used to treat allergy patients. or diseases that cause inflammation in the body. Such as rheumatoid arthritis Or bush disease, etc.

          In order to lose weight, those who eat the Carnivore Diet will adhere to the principle of eating just enough to be full is to eat when hungry stop eating. When feeling full no calories set. There is no limit on eating hours. In the beginning, you can eat as much as you want to make yourself feel full. Later, you will feel full faster. until eating less and less. UFABET Because the body begins to adjust to a state of ketosis or a condition in which the body begins to burn fat that has been stored for a long time used as energy itself.

How effective is the Carnivore Diet for weight loss?

          Carnivore Diet weight loss is to eat to condition the body to stop using energy from sugar. including the digestion of starch into sugar to switch to energy from the fat that accumulates in the body Which, in principle, is eating food that focuses on eating protein. And reducing the starch can actually help you lose weight. Because eating protein will help you feel full quickly. Stimulates the functioning of the metabolic system Resulting in better fat burning as well