Advantages of coffee.

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 Everyone says coffee has caffeine. Substances that if taken in excess amounts can be harmful to health. But coffee lovers, don’t be discouraged yet.

1. Reduce the risk of gallstones         

A 2002 study from Harvard University found that. Women who drank 4 cups a day had a 25% lower risk of gallbladder disease. Men who regularly drink can also reduce their risk of gallstones UFABET

2. Reduces stress.

          I believe that many people secretly agree with this research. Because when you feel stressed and tired, every time you sip a little coffee will feel better, right? This time, we are guaranteed with additional research results. That People who drank 2-3 cups of coffee per day reduced stress by about 15%. While those who drank 4 cups of coffee per day reduced stress by 20%.

3. Stimulates memory

          Research from the North American Department of Radiology suggests that drinking two cups a day can improve memory and reflexes. This aligns with another study in which women aged 65 and older who drank more than three cups a day had better memory than those who didn’t drink or drink less coffee

          The University of South Florida, it said. middle-aged people Should drink about 4-5 cups per day to increase the level of the hormone G-CSF. A substance that reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s as well.