PSG not to mess with Mbappe this summer.

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PSG have made it clear they will not sell Kylian Mbappe in the summer this year. According to reports from the perfume country media.

In May last year, Mbappe agreed a two-year contract extension with Paris Saint-Germain. Which has a period until mid-2024. And has a contract extension condition for another 1 year in conjunction with

The report states that the option to extend the contract for one year must be mutually agreed upon by both parties. Still neither party has rushed to use such conditions at this time UFABET 

Although Mbappe’s situation is still uncertain and there are reports that. The club may consider selling to raise money this summer. But the perfume country media identified the famous Ligue team with no such intention.

L’Equipe reveals Paris Saint-Germain There is no desire to release Mbappe this summer in any case. and plans to extend the contract But now waiting for the right moment.

PSG is ready to play the same game as in 2021. Rejecting Real Madrid’s big offer before dragging on. Allowing the situation to continue until the end of the season before approaching the players until the contract was successfully renewed.

Recently, Louis Campos, sporting director of the Paris Saint-Germain club The top team of the French Ligue battle came out to suppress such rumors by stating that “There are rumors constantly. But I’m with Mbappe every day, he never told me. Or the president of the club that he wants to move in January. We never talked about that. It is very clear that the rumors are not true.”