Pellegrini compared the difference between the Premier League and La Liga.

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Manuel Luis Pellegrini has experience working in both Spain and England. So he compares the leagues between the two countries very well.

Real Betis coach Manuel Luis Pellegrini is set to return to England this week when the 69-year-old coach will lead Real Betis to Manchester United in the Europa League. Round of 16 first game on Thursday. After working in England for four years. According to The Guardian’s Sid Lowe on Wednesday. 

Pellegrini has a wealth of experience, particularly in Spain and England, having spent 11 years working with Villarreal, Real Madrid, Malaga and most recently Real Betis. With Manchester City and West Ham, he can make a good comparison between the two leagues. Especially the red card issue of La Liga with 98 cards this season. While the city’s elite league has issued only 20 red cards.

‘England’s approach is correct. less hypocritical and the referee let it flow Phenomenal and strong. City, United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, now Newcastle, all can compete for the league title. better distribution of money number created In Spain there is a very significant gap,’ said the 69-year-old UFABET 

In doubt, Real Madrid’s salary cap is four times that of Real Betis, but Pellegrini still sees a lot of value in Spanish football.

‘England is the best league. But the best football is played in Spain. Look at the Champions League and Real Madrid or Barcelona are champions. In the Europa League it’s Villarreal and Sevilla,’ says the Betigo coach.