Pellegrini admits he doesn’t know how Manchester United will respond after defeat.

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Manuel Luis Pellegrini admits he doesn’t know how Erik ten Hag’s Manchester United will react following Sunday’s runaway defeat to the Reds football.

Real Betis boss Manuel Luis Pellegrini the 69 year old admitted. He cannot predict what the mentality of Manchester United’s players will be before the two teams face each other at the top of the pitch. Europa League Round of 16 stage, first game this Thursday. After the Red Devils team just lost to Liverpool on Sunday. From revealing to ‘The Telegraph’ on Wednesday. 

‘I don’t think United have been hit this hard before. I don’t know how the team will respond. Either they go down or come at us with knives and slash.’ said the Betigo coach UFABET 

Pellegrini also believes that a big club like Manchester United won’t go into a prolonged slump, that sooner or later the 20-time La Liga champions will recover. 

‘A great institution like Manchester United will always revive. They invested a lot of money to compete with City, Liverpool or Chelsea again,’ said Pellegrini.

Erik ten Hag is an expert in giving young players opportunities and turning them into big stars. Today, we have seen many Man U’s rising stars have the opportunity to play. Which many people do their own work well.