Newcastle ready to change coach to Thomas Tuchel instead of Howe.

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Newcastle ready to replace Thomas Tuchel if Eddie Howe’s post-season assessment fails. Howe led the Salika Dong team to perform well until they had a chance to win the Champions League. Including reaching the Carabao Cup finals. But losing to Manchester United, plus the situation in the league. Now ranked 6th behind 4 stay 4 points

The latest report suggests that Newcastle owners are ready to replace manager at the end of the season. If the Magpies board’s assessment of Eddie Howe does not meet the criteria set.

One of Newcastle’s top-line staff is interested in Tuchel, who has remained out of work since leaving Chelsea earlier in the season UFABET

The report goes on to say the Newcastle owners have no concerns or fears about changing managers. Because the owner of the team believes that change will come with better things.

However, Howe’s work still needs to be evaluated again. Everything depends on various factors after this. Especially tickets to play football in the Champions League.

According to foreign football news reports , the owner of the Newcastle team Willing to change the team manager immediately at the end of this season if the club’s board of directors evaluates Eddie Howe’s performance does not meet the set criteria. One that the board has been interested in is Thomas Tuchel, who has been out of work since being sacked by Chelsea earlier in the season. The report also added that the owner of the Salika Dong team has no concerns about changing coaches at all.