Juventus are willing to sell Vlahovic if they miss the Champions League.

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Juventus must sell Dushan Vlahovic if they miss out on Champions League football next season. Zebra invaded and defeated Roma with a score of 0-1 in the latest Serie A battle. Making it now in seventh place, 12 points behind the Champions League zone after 25 games.

The situation has caused many parties involved with the Zebra team to be concerned. Including the media who tried to link that the club may have to be reluctant to sell stars. If they cover Champions League tickets.

According to a report from Tuttomercato Stated one of them is Vlahovic. The Serbian striker who is currently attracting interest from Bayern Munich and Manchester United UFABET 

The media believes that if the Bianconeri misses out on the real big European football. Will cause the team to find a way to release many famous stars to reduce the burden of expenses, which Vlahovic is considered a candidate to be sold at auction because of receiving 7 million euros in annual wages

Juve bought Vlahovic from Fiorentina in January 2022 for 70 million euros, with the player contracted until mid-2026, but in the past there have been reports of transfers.

When Gazzetta dello Sport reported that the team of lawyers for Juventus. Relying on loopholes in the timing of prosecution. Which is later than the time frame specified by law make juventus may escape prosecution. and may not be cut points and fined. Which will make Juventus jumped back up to the top of the table immediately.